DIY: Build Your Own Retrofit

  • Wanting to build yourself a retrofit? No problem! We've included each and every component necessary for you to create your own high-quality retrofit. Not sure what you need? Contact Us with your vehicle make and model year. We'll follow up and make sure you order exactly what's necessary.

    How-to: Request A Custom Retrofit Quote

  • Interested in a retrofit for your vehicle? Please complete our Contact Us form with your vehicle make and model year. We'll follow up within 48 hours.

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Why Choose Lightwerkz?

Proper HID retrofitting essentially allows us to convert your current headlights with the best lighting technology. All of the components we offer are of the highest quality and performance. Road illumination is significantly enhanced with our conversions, which means you can be more at ease while driving at night. This not only makes you more confident and comfortable as a driver; it also increases your overall safety. We have affordable options for any lighting enthusiast. Our projector conversions are hand built by our team on a per-order basis, quality and detail you can count on! There are no compromises with our conversions; you get the best performance and looks all in one! Contact us today! Read more →

Featured Projects

Brett’s 2015 Nissan Altima – 50w Upgrade

Brett had the clear lens swap done on his 2015 Nissan Altima previously, but was still looking for more performance. He came in for the Morimoto 50w HID ballast upgrade. The upgrade was done on the original OEM HID Altima … Continue reading

Robert’s 2013 Honda Civic – Red Demon Eyes + Morimoto HID Kit

Robert dropped off his 2013 Honda Civic with us to have the red demon eyes installed inside his aftermarket projector headlights. During the demon eye procedure the Morimoto H11 XB35 6000K HID system was also installed. The demon eyes were … Continue reading

Andrew’s 2005 Subaru STi – Morimoto D2S 3.0 Bixenon Conversion

Andrew sent in his original 2005 STi HID headlights for a quick makeover. We installed the Morimoto D2S 3.0 bixenon Projectors and E46-R extended shrouds inside the low beam reflector. The internals were painted semi flat black as requested, with … Continue reading